Home School Community Liaison Scheme

Our school is fortunate to have a full time HSCL Coordinator. Acting as an agent of change Mary Gibbons works in an integrated way with all support services, particularly our School Completion Programme staff, Educational Welfare Officers and TUSLA partners. As the HSCL it is her role to support a whole-school approach to improving attendance, participation and retention in education for the most marginalised and educationally disadvantaged pupils by supporting parents & guardians. She also has a critical role in supporting the development, implementation, evaluation and review of the school’s DEIS Action Plan. This is through parental involvement in education and relevant initiatives and interventions that are designed to improve literacy, numeracy and positive engagement.


The HSCL Scheme is managed and coordinated by a national leadership team within the Senior Management Team of the Educational Welfare Services of TUSLA, The Child and Family Agency and our HSCL is an integral part of that team.


As the Home School & Community Liaison Coordinator, Mary offers support in liaison with community organisations, to families experiencing difficulties in the following areas

Transfer from Primary                                    School refusal/Anxiety

Attendance Problems                                      Early school leaving

Mental Health                                           Bereavement

Economic stress                                              Health issues

Addiction problems                                  Separation

Domestic Violence                                         Risk of homelessness

Ethnic minority difficulties                            Child Protection


The role of the HSCL is to support parents/guardians during difficult times & is not limited to the list above

In School

The HSCL works with management, Year Heads, Staff and the Care Team to put supports in place for students and chairs Student Support meetings which are held weekly.

Education Welfare Service

As part of her role the HSCL works with the EWS to ensure that students attend school regularly and puts supports in place for those who have long term illnesses etc.

HSCL Contact Details:         Mary Gibbons             094 9023060   marygibbons@msletb.ie


 Home School and Community Liaison Coordinator

Davitt College has a full time Home School Coordinator who is present in the school in order to support parents/guardians in any way possible through

· Home Visits

· Meetings in the community

· In school meetings

The HSCL Scheme operates as part of  DEIS, which is focused on communities at risk of disadvantage and social exclusion.  The overarching objective of the HSCL is to improve the educational outcomes for students through supporting the adult (s) in the child’s life.




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